Demon Lure Retriver

Demon Lure Retriver

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made in POLAND
(Patent no: PL186644)

Hooking your favourite bait is one of the most stressful moments while fishing. Attempts to release it are often associated with the loss of valuable time, tackle and even with the risk of health or life of the angler. Tearing off a bait apart from the economic loss has also a significant impact on our environment because of its rusting in water

DEMON is the first lure retriever which uses a patented method of immediate latching the swivel inside the device. Because the vast majority of anglers tie the fishing line with spinning bait through the swivel pin, the locking of swivel causes the lure to escape of the hitch. The sense of this invention is to use the tension of the fishing line to wedge itself in a precisely cut swivel slot. My lure retiever sliding down gravitationally along the fishing line raises the swivel to the top and simultaneously tenses the fishing line so that it acts as a spring snapping the swivel in the slot. This solution enables the efficient release of  spinning baits within a large range of angles created by the fishing line and the water surface.