Lure Rod Dragon CXT MS-X 1.90m 1-10g

27-30-190 MicroSpecial
Length: 1.90m
C.W: 1-10g
Action: Med-Slow
Transport length: 0.99m
Sections: 2
Weight: 85g
Guides: 8

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Till now this construction has been reserved for very expensive hand-made products because the costs were very high, which was the result of very slow pace of work of technological line. CXT is the name of new method of production and specific system of graphic prepregs in the blank. Similar to X-Cross CGT the individual layers are oriented alternately perpendicularly or at an angle of 45 degrees to the blank axis. The effect of this are the blanks with still small diameter and weight, which also achieve a significant increase in strength on longitudinal static overload (about 30%) and dynamic overload (about 10%) what is more resistant against so called mechanical damages and at the same time offering more progressive action and better casting features.

In Dragon CXT blanks were used prepregs made by Japanese Toray company (in different proportions depending on the type of the rod’s action) such as:
- high-module graphites of 46–60 mln PSI, as basic construction material;
- graphites 24, 30, 40 mln PSI in the blank core and also in the layers arranged obliquely to the axis of the blank;
- so called space grade graphite 80 mln PSI in these parts of the blanks, where weight reduction was important and increasing the dynamic.

The main objectives are:
- the diversity of actions – from medium slow to extra fast;
- slim blanks with quite thick walls, but with smaller than in standards internal hole;
- ease in casting with light and medium heavy lures;
- full deflexion under the load, what gives confident fight with small amount of lost fish;
- the construction of blanks adapted to the needs of the Polish and European market firmly based on the trends which dominate on the Japanese market.

Finishing components of CXT series are:
- Fuji Alconite K-Series guides (FC-X, SF-X, MS-X) and SiC guides (LC-X, CF-X);
- reel seats: Fuji PTS and TVS in FC-X series and type IPS and PTS in other series;
- so called rubber cork – very resistant material which joins the cork and hard rubber;
- the highest class hard foam EVA;
- aluminium, anodized elements of the handle;
- Gudebrod threads;
- Trondak varnish.