Dragon V-Lures SHOCK BITE 15ml attractant

Dragon V-Lures SHOCK BITE (15 ml)

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Dragon V-Lures SHOCK BITE (15 ml)
Prepared by Team Dragon anglers, in a long process of mixing and testing many different ingredients.
Shock Bite PIKE – crab and liver smell; light orange color.
Shock Bite ZANDER – halibut meat and liver smell; intensive orange color.
Shock Bite PERCH – dominated by shrimp smell; light pink color.
Shock Bite COD – halibut and tobias meat smell; orange color.
Shock Bite BLOODWORM – strong concentrate of specific bloodworm smell, extremely efficient on perch; red color.
Shock Bite FISH (00-31-42-06-0015) – composition of several meat smells, like cod, eel, halibut, shrimp; orange color.
Caution! All the SHOCK BITE attractors may be placed on the lure during fishing, they may also be poured into the zipper bags with soft lures for longer time, what gives greater durability of the smell.