Lure Fishing Vest Dragon Street Fishing Techpack

Dragon Street Fishing Technical Vest

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Perfectly designed and made vest, designed for demanding anglers and competitors, which appreciate functionality and capaciousness of the vest at the highest level. Properly quartered, diversified pockets make from this vest a storeroom of accessories necessary during fishing. Each pocket is at hand, you can reach every nook and cranny in the vest. The back is made from transmission mesh and they are flimsy. The suspenders were designed in the way to distribute the weight of equipment, that is why anglers will omit overloading of the back and will not lose the freedom of movements during fishing.
Dimensions (L x H): 60 x 43 cm / 45 x 45 cm. Weight: 915 g.

• Sand-beige colour with black finish
• Very strong transmission mesh which facilitates ventilation
• Suspenders lined with foam
• belts on shoulders and hips which are adjustable
• all the stitches are strengthened with one very strong stitch
• 17 pockets, 12 with zipper
• Very big, flimsy, meshy pocket at the back, fastened with two velcros