Dragon HM8X Braid

HM8X Extra smooth, Made in Japan by Toray International, Inc.

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  • 2nd Generation HPPE Super Thin Microfibres;
  • strengthened by addition of Amilan aramide fibres in polymerization process;
  • 8X Super Tight Weave Technology;
  • static and dynamic strength increased in comparison with traditional fibres;
  • round cross-section;
  • smooth & silky surface;
  • special anti-tangling coating;
  • no memory effecting with superb casting accuracy;
  • zero elongation allows perfect signals transmission between rod and lure;
  • perfectly round cross-section and smooth surface allows long and accurate casts
  • without tangling;
  • superb abrasion resistance assures long term use;
  • salt water resistant;
  • functional in temperatures below zero Celsius