ECOGEAR Cranckbait

CK 50F03 - Diving Depth: 0.3m

CK 50F09 - Diving Depth: 0.9m

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The Ecogear CK F series are a range of classic bulbous, tear-drop shaped crankbaits. The compact shape and size of the lure means it casts like a bullet and predatory fish just love its classic sideways wobble.

Using the current to float your lure up against structure and to get into hard to cast areas is a great tactic and a must have skill for any angler. When you cast close to structure you spook your target fish. Try casting past or up current of the structure. Let your lure ride the current allowing the flow to bring the lure into the strike zone before commencing your retrieve.

Fitted with Owner Treble Hooks.

Made in Japan