Dragon V-Lures Belly Fish Pro

Dragon V-Lures Belly Fish Pro

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In our testing team we have a few dedicated trout anglers and they came up with an idea of “belly fish”. Everything started from the fact that we wanted the soft lure to work perfectly with its tail without any home tuning, lead with the current of the river and the speed just slightly higher than the current.

It quickly turned out that fulfillment of this condition created the soft lure which attracts not only trouts but almost every kind of fish species, even those which are predatory a lot and a little. Chubs, ides, rudds, perches, asps, zanders and a few breams - this is the list of fish caught during first weeks of our tests. In effect from originally planned sizes 6, 7.5 and 8.5 cm we added the smallest and the biggest soft lure from the offer, i.e. 5 and 10 cm. BELLY FISH is a lure in the full sense of the word „universal”, it attracts fish in small and big rivers, in city channels, lakes and dam reservoirs. We can recommend it for fishing from the drop, with different speeds, rapid jerks and slow moving on the bottom. It works perfectly with small and large weight, on the jig head and offset hook. Its tail always beautifuly moves on the sides, the low part of the body snakes with smooth movements and the middle part shimmers with its sides.

Similar to other Dragon’s V-Lures Pro, BELLY FISH is made from special composite, in this case very soft version. It has natural smell of shrimps and its equipped with the system of markers on its spine.