Dragon V-Lures Invader Pro

Dragon V-Lures Invader Pro

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Connection of characteristic worm and shad elements result in the creation of new lure with action which differs from our previous offer. Wide range of use when it comes to fish species, fishing methods or the way of loading should let this lure to become quickly one of our sales leaders.

INVADER is made from materials with individually selected softness to achieve optimal action of the lure in its different sizes. Its action is rather short, fast and firm movements of the tail which move on the back part of the body as swinging movements. It reminds small, rather slim fish which tries to hide itself from the predator attack. The effect is very natural during different speeds and techniques. The lure was tested in season 2015, starting of spring brown trout in Poland (size 5, 6 and 7.5 cm ), by Swedish lake perch in August (all sizes) and zanders in September and October (sizes 7.5, 8.5 and 10 cm).

From the beginning INVADER showed shocking effectiveness, very often we also caught pikes. One of our Polish testers caught a few nice asps. We achieved great results when using traditional V-Point jig heads as well as our Flexi-heads with offset hooks. We recommend this lure when fishing on the drop and also to penetrate the shallows, even those the most overgrown.