Dragon HM X8 P.E. Braid

Dragon HM x8 P.E. Braid 135m spool
Lure fishing braid

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Eight-strand HM X8 P.E. the braid produced by Toray company is another generation of HPPE Super Thin Microfibres line. It is the composition of HPPE fibre with addition of amilane made in eight - strand technology. HM X8 P.E. is even more durable and highly resistant against unfavorable external factors which will delay the aging process and will allow for a longer period of use. Is highly resistant against the abrasion process and completely devoid of extensibility. Is perfectly round in section, soft and silky to the touch thanks to that we can make more precise and further castings with lures. It is available in three colours: grey, fluo orange and white in sections of 135 meters.