Sasame Hanibal Jig Heads 5 pcs

Sasame Hanibal Jig Heads 5 pcs

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Patented system (uniqual screw) guaranted longer Spinning with one rubber bait.

Based on orginal SASAME hook

SASAME HOOK's strength lies in our staff. Each of our employees puts their unique personalities into their work, and our company's atmosphere of freedom expresses itself in all of our products.

Since 1998, we have expanded our sales to the overseas market. Our success in bringing reliable and trusted products to our customers around the world is a true source of pride. All of our staff, from development to manufacturing, are dedicated to working to maintain this relationship of trust. The world is a big place and there still remain markets overseas for us to explore. It is our mission to establish SASAME and SHOUT! as brands loved by anglers the world over.