Lucky John Unagi Slug Floating

Lucky John Unagi Slug Floating Lure

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The secret of the efficiency of UNAGI SLUG lies in the lure’s design. The Slug is divided by thin partitions into several sections. Even if jerks are very careful, the tail starts moving actively and attracts even the most passive fish. In the production of the silicone for UNAGI SLUG, attractant of shrimp is used — this guarantees results in any conditions of predatory fish angling. It is supplied in three sizes: 6.35; 7.62 and 8.89, which allow to find lure for angling various predators. Installation options can be different: “Carolina”, “Texas”, joint, dead-end installation, “Wacky” and lots of other interpretations. The main thing is the presence of a hook to allow using the constructive abilities of the UNAGI SLUG.