Dragon Orion Spinner 24-02 extra weight

Silver Holo 24-02

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£ 3,49

Combination not available

Available /large number


Spinners with very wide pallets and light bodies. They create very strong hydro acoustic wave. Main spoon load is concentrated in lead placed just before the spoon itself. It’s possible to combine three sizes of weights and spinners in every way, or fishing with spinners alone. Purpose: three sized spinners designed for pike fishing. They enable to use drop methods or fish around underwater hills using any efficient methods available. The biggest Orion without lead is extremely efficient while fishing at night in rivers for catfish, whereas the smallest are perfect for perch fishing in shallow weedy parts of lakes.


Size 3 – 27,5 g

Size 2 – 19,5 g

Size 1 – 10,5 g