Dragon Stinger Leader

Stinger Leader - 2 pcs per pack

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The connection of Dragon V – Point treble with American A.F.W. leaders designed for medium and big soft lures to improve the effectiveness of catches by adding them to a jighead. There are few reasons of such connection, with three main:

1. Predator very often attacks lure from the bottom ( especially pike ), with big lures
it is more likely that fish will not catch the lure entirely during the first stage of
attacking: if the hook of the jighead does not get into the mouth immediately and
the predator does not improve the grip, we won’t catch the fish.

2. Long hook makes the lure more stiff, it worsens its action, we can also add the
fact that lots of predators prefer hitting their victims into head and our lure will
be without hook in this part.

3. Relatively short hook which gives the soft lure good work is at the same time loss
these fish which like chasing the lure, trying to catch it from the tail side.

These problems can be solved by a good leader with hook. We have to put optimal
jig head on , with a leader of a proper length.